Tabletop Simulator dodao Indonesia DLC, kao i sistemska poboljšanja

Nova verzija popularne digitalne platforme za društvene igre, Tabletop Simulator, je juče dobio zakrpu koji donosi mnoge novitete. Berserker Games je u verziji v9.0 poradio na stabilnosti aplikacije, kao i na novoj zasebnoj verziji za 64-bitne operativne sisteme. Dodat je i novi DLC, igra Indonesia.

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Wartile – Early Access

U najnovijem, aprilskom broju Play! Zine, pozabavio sam se prvom verzijom igre Wartile, koja je skoro stigla na Steam Early Access.

Wartile je stigao na Steam Early Access platformu posle neuspešne Kickstarter kampanje pre nepunih godinu dana. Playwood Project je među igrače pustio prvu verziju igre, koju smo mi imali prilike da testiramo.
Wartile je mešavina strategije u realnom vremenu i borbe minijatura na tabli. Vaši vikinzi su predstavljeni minijaturama koje se bore na prelepim 3D dioramama, koje ćete često vrteti i zagledati iz svih uglova.

Kompletan tekst možete pročitati u aprilskom Play! Zine ovde.

Kung Fu Fighting Card Game

KFF_CoverKung Fu Fighting by Slugfest Games is one of my favorite card games. I found it in the local board game shop by accident. I was drawn to it by the name and the cover art. It was fairly cheap so I snatched it.

This great game is out of print, so I did it justice and immortalized it in Tabletop Simulator. This is the mod of the 1st Edition of Kung Fu Fighting card game. All rights are owned by SlugFest Games.

If you are wandering what Kung Fu Fighting is, here is a description from the Board Game Geek page:

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Frozen Endzone from Mode 7 Announced


Coming in 2014 from Mode 7 (makers of Frozen Synapse), Frozen Endzone will be the premiere tactical future sports game! From what is seen in the trailer, the game will utilize simultaneous moves by both players which was the essence of Frozen Synapse tactics.


Steam Greenlight page:

Team Fortress 2 Uber Update

Valve is putting Team Fortress 2 for free-play all week long to celebrate the release of the biggest, most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2.

Also the website for the game got a revamp. Lets see what team got to say about the upcoming update:

We’ve got a lot to announce as we get closer to the update’s release this Thursday, June 23rd. We’ve been holding one of the surprises pretty close to the vest for months now. We don’t want to ruin it, but we’ll give you four clues to get you guessing:

    1.) It IS a “Meet the” short.
    2.) It involves ONE of the two remaining classes.
    3.) It’s NOT the Pyro.
    4.) It’s the MEDIC.

Let the speculation begin! While you’re puzzling that out, why not click over to the first of our class pack announcements: Mobster Monday. To make sure everything was as accurate as possible, we went deep undercover at the most Italian place we could find, The Olive Garden. We asked the Mafia about a million questions, none of which they understood, because our mouths were full of all the free breadsticks the Mafia gives you when you visit them (they’re not such bad guys).

All that hanging out with mob guys must have rubbed off on us, because we’ve decided to celebrate the Über Update by giving you an offer you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) refuse–an unprecedented WEEK-LONG FREE WEEKEND of Team Fortress 2, starting right now!