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42 years. Too old to be bothered to much.
I like my coffee with sugar and cream.
Raw Messiah is my crew. I roll with them.

Played almost everything that counts in gaming industry from ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga days till now. Speedball 2 by Bitmap Brothers IS the best sports game ever. Remember the old days when content was the king!

Kickstarter 7. Oktobar 2019: Madeira, The Grand Carnival, Detective: City of Angels, Obsidian Protocol, The Red Dragon Inn: Allies, Manchukuo

Novi mesec i nova nedelja nam donose i nove Kickstarter kampanje. Van Ryder Games je spremio reprint i ekspanziju za njihovu detektivsku igru Detective: City of Angels. Istim stopama ide i What’s Your Game? koji radi reprint, ekspanziju i deluks izdanje Madeire. Aleksandar Li je stigao na Kickstarter […]