Lisboa osvojio Jogo do Ano 2018

Igra inspirisana Lisabonom i Portugalom osvaja portugalsku godišnju nagradu za najbolju društvenu igru.

Portugal ima sjajne dizajnere društvenih igara, te nije čudo da je državna nagrada za najbolju društvenu igru odzvanja širom sveta. Ovogodišnji pobednik je Lisboa dizajnera Vitala Laserde. Lisboa je izglasana ispred Clans of Caledonia, Gaia Project, Riverboat i Wendake.

Povodom osvajanja Jogo do Ano oglasio se i sam Vital Laserda:

Thank you to my friends of Spiel for the game of the year. 10 years ago I was playtesting my first game at LeiriaCon, Vinhos. Since then I never failed one of their conventions and made sure having at least one prototype to playtest there. In 2007 Spiel Portugal started to promote a prize called Jogo do Ano and Vinhos was in the short list. In 2014 another of my games, Kanban, also reached the short list but didn’t get it.
Eight years later Jogo do Ano became one of the most important prizes of the world on the side of medium and heavy games. Delivered prizes to the best game designers in the world like Uwe, Mac Gertds, Martin Wallace. Of course I always, as a heavy gamer designer, want to get the prize, specially because it also comes from my country. Finally seems like I made a game that pleased most of the demanding guys of that group.
Getting the Prize Jogo do Ano for Lisboa is not only an honor to me but also honors all the people who developed, playtested, sent feedback and created this game during 3 or 4 years.
Thank you all of you who spent so many hours to make this game a good one, and Jogo do Ano prize is the prove of the recognition of all those fellows work and time.
Thank you guys.
– Vital

Igre koje su do sada ušle u kuću slavnih u Portugalu su:

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