Kung Fu Fighting Card Game

KFF_CoverKung Fu Fighting by Slugfest Games is one of my favorite card games. I found it in the local board game shop by accident. I was drawn to it by the name and the cover art. It was fairly cheap so I snatched it.

This great game is out of print, so I did it justice and immortalized it in Tabletop Simulator. This is the mod of the 1st Edition of Kung Fu Fighting card game. All rights are owned by SlugFest Games.

If you are wandering what Kung Fu Fighting is, here is a description from the Board Game Geek page:

Kung Fu Fighting is a card game that simulates an all-out brawl between 2-6 kung fu masters! Players are dealt a hand of cards, which include attacks, attack enhancements, weapons, blocks, chi restoration (healing) and fighting stances. They take turns playing cards from their hands to attack other players with stylish moves like the dreaded “Running up the Wall-Spinning-Flipping-Kick”. A defending player can answer back with a block card, or counter attack with certain powerful cards. If an attack gets through, the defender loses chi (health). When a player runs out of chi, he is knocked out, and the battle continues until only one Kung Fu master — the True Master — remains standing.

Kung Fu Fighting is easy to learn, plays quickly and captures the flavor of Hong Kong’s famous cinematic battles.

I transfered everything from the box into a digital form. Scanned all 99 cards and 6 mats, including the rulebook, which is hard to find these days. You can find the Steam Workshop item here: Kung Fu Fighting Card Game – Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop Mod .

This is my first attempt in making something for the great Tabletop Simulator “game”. It should be called tabletop, board and card gaming tool.


I do not own any of the assets of Kung Fu Fighting nor am I associated with SlugFest Games. All assets are owned by Slugfest Games. This mod was done to support the game. If you like the game please support it by buying it, thank you.

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