Rusty Heart CBT Phase 2 Starts Tommorow

Rusty Heart CBT Phase 2 Improvements and Tweaks

Town Restructure – Players can save time by navigating the Town without interruption. It will now turn in to one zone that will let players explore seamlessly.

Wanted Board Adjustment – Wanted Boards will display  “Wanted Quests” that will display a images of ever-changing enemies and their location. Players will then have to track that enemy down and take it down.

Distinctive Crafting – Items that are crafted will now have a much more distinctive and intimidating appearance. This new appearance will help make crafted items stand out from the standard items.

Item Drop Rate Adjustment – Drop rates for items have been updated to be more varied and help make gameplay more dynamic and intriguing.

More PVP Arenas – New Intermediate and Advanced arenas will be activated to match players with similar experience and levels. In addition, PVP points/scores will not be affected by Free Battleground gameplay.

PvP Balance Adjustment – Tude’s gauntlet has been slightly strengthened to increase competitive balance with other characters in  PVP battles

Player Comparison Information – Get in-depth knowledge of other players and opponents by right clicking on them and viewing their stats. This option may give you a leg up by comparing your stats to others as well as potentially helping new players find the best way to manage their characters.

Dead Man’s Chest Renewal – Chests have been revamped and will have a more random and valuable dispersion.

Monster Spawn Deflection – Monsters will no longer be invincible and block attacks as they spawn. Players can now attack them immediately for maximum spawn damage.

Monster HP Information – Get more screen real estate by clearing up HP bars from enemies. Go to [SET GAME OPTIONS] – [SETTINGS] – [NAME DISPLAY OPTIONS]  and you will have the option to move monster’s HP bar to the top right of your screen rather than above them.

Prerequisite Skill Requirements – Learning certain skills will be contingent upon currently having learned previous skills. This skill point management system will help create a deeper gameplay that will encourage players to choose their skills wisely.

Item Option Adjustment – Epic items’ random options will have added depth by including more specific options

Gold Card System Revamped – Strategy will be tested as Gold cards will now be shuffled even after the looting session has begun.

Gem Blending – Blending 3 gems of the same color will now dispense a gem box of the corresponding color.

Dismantling Items/Costumes –  When dismantling unique items, players will be given a valuable material that can be used for crafting advanced items.

Similarly, dismantling an animal costume will give players materials for crafting a special weapon.

Item Quality Grade Information- Instead of just being rated Normal/Rage/Magic/Unique/Epic Good/Epic Best, items will have a more in-depth and robust label of +1+2,+3,+4,+5 for each rating.

Countdown Bypass – Quickly move on to the loot screen by skipping the 10 second countdown after beating a boss.

New Costumes – Tons of new costumes that will allow you to stand out in the crowd.

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