Super Monday Night Combat is comming and its Free to Play

Out of nowhere, Uber Entertainment dropped a bomb on us with the announcement that new revamped Monday Night Combat game is coming for PC this winter. UE dropped a post on their forums and shared with fans and public whats cooking in the new incarnation of the insanely fun game for PC.

What is Super MNC?
Super MNC is Uber Entertainment’s next step in the Monday Night Combat franchise!

Why Super MNC?
We at Uber Entertainment really loved the feeling of constantly updating our game. Working on Monday Night Combat on the PC really hit this feeling home. So with Super MNC we’ve altered the design and style of the game so that we can treat the game more like a service and consistently expand it over time.

How is Super MNC different from Monday Night Combat?
In Super MNC, the rules have changed. It has much more of an emphasis on strategic play. Each Pro levels up during the course of the game, gaining power as money is accumulated. Pros now boast five skills, upgradable three times. Weapon and skill lethality has been lowered to encourage team play. All Pro skills from Monday Night Combat have been reworked, replaced or rebalanced. Super MNC will also have an ever-expanding host of Pros. The new trailer highlights the first three. Each Pro will also have a growing number of different cosmetic changes that can be mixed and matched. The endorsements system has been greatly expanded and we’ve added a new ‘Products’ system to give your Pros new and unique ways of playing them.

Does Super MNC‘s art style differ from Monday Night Combat’s?
Super MNC’s art style has been upgraded. The materials used give it a slightly more realistic look. The arenas are set in more natural environments and really help the characters pop off the background. However, don’t think we’ve lost the tone, Mickey Cantor and the crowd will still cheer you on as your rack up your bot kills.

How much will Super MNC cost?
<Mickey Cantor>It’s FREE!</Mickey Cantor>
Super MNC will be free to play. We understand there is some skepticism on free to play games but we believe that a free game should be always playable for free. There are no gating mechanisms that will force you to pay or bother your friends. The vast majority of items can be earned by playing Super MNC!

What will be updated in Super MNC?
Everything! Expect New Pros! New Uniforms! New Gear! New Endorsements! New Products! New Maps! New Game Modes! New stuff we haven’t even thought about yet!

When will Super MNC be released?
“Sometime in the winter of 2011/2012.” However, keep in mind that we plan on treating it as a service and new content will be released often. Super MNC at one year old will be a very different game from Super MNC at its official release.

Will there be a beta?
Yes! We will be having a beta “soon” after PAX Prime 2011.

On which platform will Super MNC be released?
Super MNC will be released initially for the PC over Steam.

Will Super MNC have an upgraded engine?
Yes! Super MNC is built on an upgraded engine that was originally planned as an update to MNC.


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