Valve’s DOTA2 International Championship is LIVE

The tournament website is now live at You can use it to see the schedule for upcoming games, view the current live match or to watch replays of previous games. The Broadcasts are available in four languages (Chinese, Russian, German, and English) as well as in an auto-director camera mode.

Tournament stream is located at :

The tournament uses a group stage for the first day, which feeds into the winner and loser brackets for the following days. The bracket view will be updated to reflect the current status of the tournament, if you want a spoiler-free update, use the schedule view. The first game is estimated to start at 10am CMT in Germany.

The prize distribution for the top 8 teams is as follows:

1st place: $1,000,000 USD
2nd place: $250,000 USD
3rd place: $150,000 USD
4th place: $80,000 USD
5th place: $35,000 USD
6th place: $35,000 USD
7th place: $25,000 USD
8th place: $25,000 USD

The roster of teams in the tournament has been updated and is available on the teams page. StarsBoBa is unable to attend due to Visa problems. SGC of the Czech Republic has accepted the invitation to come to tournament.

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