Team Fortress 2 patch – new items, maps & game mode

Members of the Polycount Community were given 5 weeks to come up with a SET of items for one of the 9 different TF2 classes. These sets had to be within the same theme, and fit well within the TF2 universe. In total, some 70 sets were completed and entered (read: that’s at least 210 items!) It’s no wonder they had their work cut out for them when choosing the first ever pack.

Out of the 70 or so entries that Valve received, nearly half of the entries are of a high enough quality to be shipped in future updates without much work needed on Valve side.

See all the winner’s packs on the official Polycount’s thread.

The official patch will include item trading, a brand new game mode, and around twenty new weapons and hats (Polycount’s items included).

The patch comes soon (Valve time).

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