Cosmic Break Beta impressions [Part 01]

Cosmic Break is a mech MMOTPS developed by Japanese game studio Cyberstep. The game is set in a futuristic time where there’s fusion of human and robots are uncommon.
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The story in Cosmic Break is fairly simple. There are three Unions which rival each other. The nation of fighters who believe courage and friendliness win in battle, Bladine. The nation of those who choose strength and honor, Dostrex, and the nation of those who trust in wisdom, Wizard.  With each of the Unions is a God that is starting to fade away. To bring it back, they must gain the favor of the Cosmos, and the only way to do that is to defeat other nations in battle. Against all of the nations is the great evil force in the game, Chaos, who’s only purpose is to make sure none of the deities are revived; the unions all work together at defeating this common foe, but are rivals outside of that field.

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Mech Types

Starting the game you pick your initial mech, choosing one of three predefined builds – Land, Air or Artillery. Each build has its weaknesses and its strengths. There is also the fourth type – Support.

Air mech is strong on boosters and air supremacy and good with beam weapons. They can be taken down quickly by bomb and missile type attacks.

Land mech is melee oriented tough robot with powerfull sub and main weapons. They tend to be weak against beam type weapons.

Artillery mech is long range firepower support, with the ability to utilize many different long range weapons including various bombs and missiles. They are weak against melee sub weapons.

Support mech have the ability to use special Wonder Bits unavailable to other robots, allowing it to repair and support their allies during battle. Some of them also have radar related abilities, as well abilities that allow them to inflict enemies with various status effects. However, they tend to lack the raw firepower of other types.
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The controls are easy to pick up. The WASD keys are movement. Press them quickly to dash and run. The mouse controls the camera and targeting cross-hair. The left button fires the primary (usually projectile) weapon, and the right button fires the secondary (usually melee) weapon, but this can all be changed in the garage considering you can equip different weapons. Holding the shift keys and pressing the respective button changes your weapon. The F key is the special attack, only executed when the “Wonder Bit” gauge is full.  The Z, X, and Y keys are macros for sending out comments (like follow me, or attack now), like in most FPS games today. Space initiates jump and booster.

Gameplay modes


Mission Mode

In mission mode, you go trough set number of linear stages, killing monsters and collecting loot towards the boss who is waiting at the end of each stage. the difficulty of the mission can be set to five different levels and can be done in co-op mode with 5 other players. The harder the level of the missions, the mobs and bosses gets nastier but the loot gets yummier. 😀


Quest Mode

In quest mode of the gameplay, you are descending on the wild planets and explore them. The deeper you go the tougher the enemies get, and the loot gets better. Bonus is awarded for collecting the complete sets of loot, predetermined before the descent.

To stop the constant grinding, the timer is set for the exploration. If the timer runs out or you loose all three of your mech, you loose the loot and any other awards or items you collected in that run. This way, you are forced to consult the timer and the health of your mech, and decide how deep will you explore before you turn back. The layout of Quest Areas changes periodically to keep gameplay fresh, meaning that there’s always new treasure to hunt for.

This mode can be done solo or in Co-Op mode, but you will run on other players on the planet while you explore in your group or alone.

Arena Mode

In this action intense PvP mode you battle against other players. You will earn points for your Union and aim for the top spot in the weekly Union point ranking.

Arena Mode – Union Wars

Large PvP battles typically on scales of 15 vs. 15 or 30 vs. 30. Protect your team’s “Power Spot” home base while trying to take down the enemy’s.

Arena Mode – Team Fight

A mode which allows players of any Union to freely form teams and fight on a smaller scale, such as 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5. Play with standard Power Spots, or try out alternative rules such as Capture the Flag.

Mech Customization, Tuning and Shop

The meat part of the game. Probably the one you will spend most time in, calculating and min/maxing the stats and power of your mech.

The main attributes of mechs and parts are Health, Strength, Tech, Walk, Fly, Toughness, Cost and Capacity.

Health is somehow similar to all other games. Strength is essential for melee combat, while Tec determines how well your mech performs in ranged combat. Walk determines how well mech jumps and lands. Fly governs the flying speed and height. Toughness represents how easily mech is stunned when its hit, duration of a stun, and a consecutive damage reduction when its hit with burst fire or multiple enemies. Cost is the number which is added to mech capacity, and presents the space the part occupies on the mech. Equipping powerful parts and weapons will increase cost, meaning that stronger robots will use up more BP when destroyed in battle. Capacity determines the mech overall tuning and customizing capacity.

You can build and customize your own mechs with parts collected from spoils of war, or buy them from the shop. You can also earn and buy whole mechs. There are currently more than 50 mechs and 300 parts to collect. The mech consists from Head (HD), Body (BD), Arm (AM), Booster (BS), and Leg (LG). In addition, they may be equipped with a variety of main/sub weapon type parts, Wonder Bits (EX) parts, and a few other special types parts.  If you own a mech you can buy it from the shop whole or as parts. If you own certain parts of mech, you can only buy that parts.

Parts also have number of slots for tuning up. The more slots, better the part. Tuning is done in a Cosmo Pot. A number of items are needed for each type of tune up. Each consecutive tune up decreases the chance of success. If tune up fails – that slot is lost forever.
Cosmo Pot Tuning

Season gamers might find the 3D graphics rather outdated but then the game has something to offer which mecha fans get something to feel excited about.

Cosmic Break Official website

Battleswarm: Fields Of Honor (Open Beta)

I am participating open beta testing of interesting crossgenre online game.

Battleswarm: Fields Of Honor pits First-Person Shooters against Real-Time Strategists in epic online battles waged between elite Human Soldiers and massive swarms of Bugs. This is very interesting concept and I think that with little polishing, this game will be worth playing.

To set one thing clear, this game is free to play. That means that there will be an item cash shop and everything that goes with this kind of games, but all the items you can buy also for the ingame cash.

Weapons and armor are bought on time basis. You can buy them for 3, 7 or 30 days, after which they expire. You can earn enough cash to be properly geared for battles with a decend group.

Here are some interface screenshots. Main interface, shoping, packing gear and game room before the start.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Currently I am playing as a human, and I must say that I enjoy this FPS. There is no soloing or Mr. Rambo actions, since humans need to communicate and organise in order to survive and win against the swarms of bugs.

Maps varies from defend the base full of reactors in Jungle outpost, planting the bombs into the Hive core, defending reactors and planting bombs in Ruined city and good old Arena matches.

“Leveling” a human player, if we can say that, consists of progressing trough ranks, which unlocks better armor, weapon and supplies. Also there is a “map leveling” which can provide you with attack, defence or speed boost after a certain amount of bugs are killed. Those boosts lasts untile you die, and can be stacked 3 or 4 times depending on your level.

Enemies drop blue diamonds, which when picked up, provide shield or health boosts, or random Gift Box (Paper, Copper, Silver or Gold) which with appropriate key can be unlocked after the game – which provide common, uncommon or rare drops in term of armor, supplies or weapons.

Here is my little gameplay video on YouTube.

We played Jungle Battle map, in wich Humans defend their base with three reactors. The game lasts until 300 points are won or timer expires. Humans gain points by killing bugs and staying alive, while bugs can win by destroying three reactors for 100 points each.

I am eager to see where this game will progress, since the authors and developers are listening to beta testers, and try to improve the game.

D.Gray-Man [Ep. 01-08]

dgraymanAkuma – monstrumi nastali iz mrtvih dusa, greskom pozvanih od strane njihovih najvoljenijih, su oruzja Millenium Earla, koji namerava da unisti svet i vreme.

Allen Walker je, od rane mladosti,  proklet sa cudotvornim anti-demonskim oruzjem na mestu njegove leve ruke i sa svevidecim okom, sa kojim moze da vidi izmucene duse u demonima. On je takodje jedan od retkih koji u sebi ima “Innocence”, substancu koja mu omogucava da se bori protiv demona i Millenium Earla. Sa svojim mocima i po preporuci svog mentora, Allen se prikljucuje Crnim Svestenicima i postaje Isterivac, prva linija odbrane sveta od Millenum Earla.

Screenshots shamelesy stealed from the: .

Bus Gamer

Bus GamerKada tri potpuna neznanca, Mishiba Toki, Nakajyo Nobuto i Saitoh Kazuo, dobiju posao od strane korporacije, da se takmice u ilegalnoj dog-fight igri obavijenom tajnoscu zivot im se naglo menja i upoznaju tamniju stranu urbanog zivota.

Ova tri mladica, potpuno razlicitih karaktera i zivotnih okruzenja, sa novim timskim kodom “Team AAA” (Triple Anonymous), imaju zajednicki crtu da im treba mnogo love.

Da bi dosli do nje, pristaju da igraju “Bus Game” iako je igra opasna po zivot.

Svaka korporacija ima tim od 3 igraca. Igra se kod kuce i u gostima. Kod kuce, na domacem terenu, brani se disk sa korporacijskim tajnama. U gostima, cilj je oteti protivnicki disk po svaku cenu.

Nije tako losa serija, kao sto ocene kazu, ali gde je kraj?

U pauzama gledanja sezonskih anime serija, uvek volim da odmorim mozak uz neka kraca izdanja. Zanimljiva ideja koja nije da nije koriscena i u filmovima i anime serijama (“Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor“), me je zaintrigirala. A i naravno – samo 3 epizode. 😀
“Bus Gamer” je ispao sasvim ok, i ne tako los koliko sam ocekivao. Pruzio je sat vremena jednostavne, prosecne akcije. Mogu imenovati najmanje 10 drugih anime serija koje su losije sa mnogo boljim ocenama.

Prici fali razrada, a likovima dubina. Prica kao da pocinje na kraju trece epizode. Drugim recima, treca epizoda je najzanimljivija. Na kraju druge epizode predstavljaju nam novog lika, prikazuju nam je u trecoj epizodi kao lika koji ce igrati vaznu ulogu u buducoj prici i stop. Sama treca epizoda se zavrsava kada sam dobio naznake kako ce se serija razvijati. Ali nema dalje…Ua prevara!

Glavni likovi su sturo prikazani. Tri flashback-a u trecoj epizodi ne ublazuju utisak da su ravni i prazni.

Svi protivnici nasih lepih momaka su prikazani samo delimicno, uglavnom u senkama ili su im oci u senci, sto je odraz nedostatka vremena da se i oni propisno prikazu. Nije bitno kako izgledaju, stoga se nisu mucili ni da im daju licnost. Da budemo iskreni, za ovu seriju nije ni bitno, stoga ne mogu ih kritikovati zbog toga.

Animacija je ocekivano prosecna sa povremenim trzajevima da te podseti da nije savrsena. Posto je ovo prica o tri bishounena, naraFski je da oni izgledaju lepo iz svih uglova, ponekad na ustrb pozadinske animacije.

Muzika nije nista posebno ali omladinski jpop je tu da nas podseti da je to prica o omladini kojoj treba lova i prljavim, pokvarenim korporacijama.

Ova anime serija je dobar uvod za mangu koja je serijalizovana u jednom japanskom magazinu. Sama za sebe – nista posebno.

TV Specia | 3 epizode | 2008 | Produkcija: Frontier Works

Oficijelna strana:

Strait Jacket

U svetu gde magija i tehnologija zajednicki postoje, obe nauke se koriste na polju medicine, istrazivanja i ratovanja, ali sa razlicitim rezultatima. Preterano koriscenje magije je zabranjeno, jer prouzrokuje mutacije koje transformisu korisnika u divljeg, nekontrolisanog i nezaustavljivog monstruma.

Rayotto Stainberg je usamljeni vuk – “Takticki Carobnjak”, predan samo jednom cilju – unistavanju ovih monstruoznih demona.

Zasticen u svom oklopnom kalupu, “Strait Jacket”, koji je stvoren da ga stiti i sacuva u ljudskom obliku, on hoda tankom linijom izmedju magije i ludila kao usamljeni ubica monstruma.

Ova anime OVA iz 3 epizode je bazirana na noveli Sakaki Ichirou. Posto je nisam procitao moj komentar je baziran cisto na gledanju ovog anime izdanja.

Kako bih opisao ovu anime seriju? Mozda kao “introduction DVD” za novelu…da tako nekako.

Ideja okruzenja i sveta je mesavina “Full Metal Alchemista” i “Devil May Cry” anime. Sa malim naratorskim uvodom na pocetku prve epizode, bio sam ubacen u totalni haos koji (razumljivo) nije objasnjen do kraja serije. Vojno/ policijski odredi koji ciste svet od demona bez objasnjenja, uz totalno prstanje audio-vizuelnih efekata. Nekoliko karaktera koje susrecem tokom gledanja mogu nabrojati na prste. To su klasicni stereotipi, ali nisu ni priblizno detaljno oslikani koliko bi bili u jednosezonskoj anime seriji (26 epizoda).

Animacija je dobra kao i zvucni efekti. Rune sevaju u svim bojama, oko “Taktickog carobnjaka” dok se on sprema da odvali demona uz povik “Exist!” kada mlaz xy magijske materije seva iz njegovog big-gun-a. Uvek sam se palio na horske i simfonijske momente u anime serijama, a ovo kratko izdanje obiluje istim.

Ali, opet….prekratko, brate.

Nemojte me pogresno shvatiti, ova anime serija je jako dobra. Verovatno je jos bolja za hardcore fanove ove novele, jer oni sigurno imaju vise informacija o samom svetu i karakterima nego prosecan gledalac koji se prvi put susrece sa “Strait Jacket”-om. Uzivao sam dok sam je gledao, a predpostavljam da bi uzivao i da je 26-to epizodna anime serija. Drugim recima puna je potencijala.

Sto se tice repriznog gledanja, tesko da cu je gledati ponovo u skorije vreme. Ovo je klasican primer “one-shot” gledanja neke anime serije. Mislim da bi sledeci put vec bilo gubljenje vremena, osim ako ne bi trebao da se podsetim desavanja zbog  nekog novog nastavka.

Preporucujem ovu seriju svima koji vole steampunk/ magic zanr. Za ostale ovo je samo jos jedno ponovno crtanje Zil Vernovskog sveta i ideja.

OVA (3 eps) | 2007 | Production: feel.

Ocena: 7.5