Kickstarter March 15

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Kickstarter March 14

ENTROPY – Worlds Collide by Allen Chang

Piece together the shards of your reality and save your world from a multiverse collision in this competitive game of risk & deception.

❖ Funding is at 304%
$12,179 has been gathered and target of $4,000 is exceeded!
❖ There are currently 490 backers.
❖ Project was launched 21 hours ago.

6 days remaining

Rising Sun kampanja na Kickstarteru počinje večeras

Dugo očekivana Kickstarter kampanja za novu igru Erika Langa, pod imenom “Rising Sun” počinje večeras. Jedan sat posle ponoći, startovaće KS kampanja koju predvode Cool Mini or Not u saradnji sa Guillotine Games.
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