Kickstarter presek 31.05.2023.

Za poslednji dan maja smo izdvojili Into the Godsgrave, The Last Spell, McBaron, El Burro, Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion IV i Loam. Ovo je pregled Kickstarter, Gamefound i Backerkit kampanja koje imaju preko 1000 bekera, blizu su ostvarivanja cilja ili nisu ranije bile prikazane u ovoj rubrici.

Into the Godsgrave

A Digital Hybrid Board Game of fate and divine resurrection

Into the Godsgrave -- Kicktraq Mini

The Last Spell – The Board Game

Fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends in this exciting and innovative coop 1-4 player rogue-like RPG with a tower defense twist!

The Last Spell - The Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini

McBaron – Bravery in the Sky

An action-packed solo Print and Play Wargame. Fly over the battlefield, accomplish missions, and prove your bravery!

McBaron - Bravery in the Sky -- Kicktraq Mini

El Burro: A La Granja Game

El Burro is a new standalone game where you are developing your farm but have to move your goods to the port of Palma. The game uses multi-purpose cards and dice-drafting like La Granja.

Age Of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles

A fourth Expansion Volume for Age of Steam Deluxe plus accessory Acrylic Track tiles.


Loam is a set-matching strategy game about building healthy soils. You are a plant, who for obvious reasons is into that sort of thing. You also have a lot more power and agency over your environment than humans often give you credit for. Sculpt the soil’s weird and wonderful biodiversity to assemble vibrant ecological communities and build the healthiest soil of all!

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