Kickstarter 15. 06. 2020: Stop the Train, Fire Tower, Shelfie Stacker, Mini Rogue, Myths of War, The Whatnot Cabinet …

Ove nedelje smo izdvojili Stop the Train, Mini Rogue, Communist Cats: Revolution, The Whatnot Cabinet, Myths of War, Trinidad, Shelfie Stacker i Fire Tower: Rising Flames. Ovo je pregled Kickstarter kampanja koje imaju preko 1000 bekera, blizu su ostvarivanja cilja, ili nisu ranije bile prikazane u ovoj rubrici.

Stop the Train!
A thrilling board game adventure on a runaway train headed for Paris! Can you identify the Saboteur in your midst and avert disaster?
Stop the Train! -- Kicktraq Mini

Mini Rogue
Discover the bigger and better version of this award-winning roguelike microgame!
Mini Rogue -- Kicktraq Mini

Fire Tower: Rising Flames Expansion + Reprint
Fight fire with fire in this award-winning, fiercely competitive board game, now with legendary firehawks!
Fire Tower: Rising Flames Expansion + Reprint 🔥 -- Kicktraq Mini

Eila and Something Shiny – a replayable story-driven game!
Overcome fear and find the way to something shiny in this “Choose Your Path” adventure game. Challenging and replayable for 1-3players!
Eila and Something Shiny - a replayable story-driven game! -- Kicktraq Mini

Shelfie Stacker
Grab’em and stack’em! Compete to collect and build the most illustrious board game collection!
Shelfie Stacker -- Kicktraq Mini

The Whatnot Cabinet
A game of rare, unusual, and intriguing objects for 1-4 players
The Whatnot Cabinet -- Kicktraq Mini

Trinidad, the City Building Board Game
1580, South America: a new colony born on the ashes of the previous settlement…
Trinidad, the City Building Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Communist Cats: Revolution
A fast paced card game of strategy, deception, communism and cats!
Communist Cats: Revolution -- Kicktraq Mini

Myths at War
Myths at War is a card game set in some of the main mythologies of the world.
Build your own deck and fight against your rivals!
Myths at War -- Kicktraq Mini

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