Kickstarter Maj 10: EXO, Pict It, The Omen Saga, Alhambra Designers’ Edition, Gravity Warfare, The Forbidden City

Kolossal Games je spremio novu verziju njihove kartične igre za dva igrača, The Omen Saga, sa novim pravilima i novim dodacima. Queen games vodi kampanju za ljubitelje Alhambre. Ovo je limitirana verzija, pod imenom Alhambra Limited Designer’s Edition. Tu su još i zezanje sa gravitacijom u Gravity Warfare, The Forbiden City Deluxe Edition u izdanju TMG i Game Brewer kao i EXO od Plast Craft Games.

Dnevni prikaz Kickstarter kampanja za društvene igre koje se do sada nisu pojavile na ovoj listi, koje su dostigle ili su blizu cilja za finansiranje ili imaju preko hiljadu sponzora.

Alhambra Designers’ Edition by Queen Games

Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!

Alhambra Designers' Edition -- Kicktraq Mini


The Omen Saga by Kolossal Games

The acclaimed two player struggle for the favor of the gods, featuring revised production, streamlined rules, and brand new content.

The Omen Saga -- Kicktraq Mini

The Forbidden City by Game Brewer

Game Brewer & Tasty Minstrel Games bring to you “the Forbidden City”, by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter limited Deluxe Edition.

The Forbidden City -- Kicktraq Mini

Gravity Warfare™ – Gaming on a Whole New Level. by Siggy

An innovative dexterity & strategy game played on a self balancing board! Players compete to be the first to run out of pieces to play.

Gravity Warfare™ - Gaming on a Whole New Level. -- Kicktraq Mini

Imaginez Pictez Faites deviner / Imagine it Guess it Pict it by PICT IT LE JEU

Avec 7 cartes picto, faites deviner: films, chansons, lieux, BD… /
With 7 picto cards, guess: a film, a song, a place, a comic…

Imaginez Pictez Faites deviner / Imagine it Guess it Pict it -- Kicktraq Mini

EXO – Mankind Reborn Board Game by Plast Craft Games

A cooperative survival game experience. Incarnate the heroes that will lead the resurgence of humanity on a post-cataclism world.

EXO - Mankind Reborn Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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