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Battletech Collectible Card Game

WorkshopImageUploadThe BattleTech Collectible Card Game is a collectible card game set in the BattleTech universe developed by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) for FASA using a similar style of gameplay and card distribution as WotC’s Magic: The Gathering. It was designed by Richard Garfield. Its production ran from 1996 through 2001. The BattleTech CCG featured BattleMechs, characters, and technology from the original board game, with new artwork done by various artists.

Set in the Battletech universe, this collectible card game has each player customizing her deck with mechs, vehicles, 5 types of resources, and characters and locations from the BT universe. Play is similar to magic – draw a card, play cards, tap resources and build. Players play resources which they tap to build their units. Once built, units attack the opponents units, resources, or deck. Each point of damage to the deck scraps a card from it. Once a player’s deck runs out of cards, he loses the game.
Currently, the BattleTech CCG is no longer in print.

I collected the scans of all cards and made them into decks by sets, for Tabletop Simulator. Sets included:

  • Arsenal
  • Commanders Edition
  • Counterstrike
  • Crusade
  • MechWarrior
  • Mercenaries
  • Unlimited

Other assets included:

  • Turn summary included as a token of 8 pages
  • Turn summary included as 2 sets of 8 cards
  • One extra card with background on both sides included for whatever reason extra card is needed. 😀

Not included:
This is a collection of cards, there are no premade decks. It is up to you to create decks from various info around the net. I don’t have time to make them. Maybe one day…..

You can find the the mod on Battletech CCG Tabletop Simulator Mod page.

Players Guide:
Clan Rules:
Inner Sphere Rules:

Sarna’s page:
BGG’s page:

Complete list of all cards ever released:


I do not own any of the assets of Battletech TCG nor am I associated with FASA or WotC. All assets are owned by FASA and WotC. This mod was done to support the game. If you like the game please support it by buying it. Thank you.

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