Where’s the Future? Will Ferrell’s Tour of Tech That Never Took

From clean coal to designer babies: Why the marvels we were promised haven’t materialized.

  • Laser Guns
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Food In A Pill
  • Robot Servants
  • Vat-Grown Meat

and more…

Read this interesting article, with special time-traveler guest Will Ferrell on Wired: Where’s The Future?

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40 years. Too old to be bothered to much. I like my coffee with sugar and cream. Raw Messiah is my crew. I roll with them. Played almost everything that counts in gaming industry from ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga days till now. Speedball 2 by Bitmap Brothers IS the best sports game ever. Remember the old days when content was the king!

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