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42 years. Too old to be bothered to much.
I like my coffee with sugar and cream.
Raw Messiah is my crew. I roll with them.

Played almost everything that counts in gaming industry from ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga days till now. Speedball 2 by Bitmap Brothers IS the best sports game ever. Remember the old days when content was the king!

Beyond Black Mesa movie

A spectacular second trailer has been released for Beyond Black Mesa, a live action short film set in the Half Life universe. The film tells the story of Adrian Shephard, a member of the human resistance movement. He has one mission: to get a message to City 17 […]

TF2Maps.net Presents: The SWAMP theme

TF2Maps.net presented us a new pack called: SWAMP! There are numerous assets included in download, which will help you build cool muddy swamp maps. Alongside the assets there are 4 maps included. You can download and find all the information about the pack on the official TF2Maps.net Swamp […]

Tribes Universe alpha testing signups

Hi-Rez studio, makers of Global Agenda, announced earlier that they acquired the Tribes franchise. News came from them yesterday, announcing the Alpha testing signups for Tribes Universe. Because the game will be focused around huge battles on huge landscapes, we need a solid group of very dedicated testers […]