Kickstarter 2 Septembar 2019: Tentacle Town, Cryptic Explorer, Division: Throne Room, Merchants Cove, Pixel Demon’s: REALM, Dragon Hunters

Kickstarter Tentacle Town, Cryptic Explorer, Division: Throne Room, Merchants Cove, Pixel Demon's: REALM, Dragon Hunters

Za prvu nedelju septembra donosimo novi presek Kickstarter kampanja. Ove nedelje pogledajte Tentacle Town i Merchants Cove, koje predstavljaju euro naslove. Kartične naslove predstavljaju Pixel Demon’s: REALM i Division: Throne Room. Tu su još i Cryptic Explorers i Dragon Hunters.

Ovo je pregled Kickstarter kampanja koje imaju preko 1000 bekera, blizu su ostvarivanja cilja, ili nisu ranije bile prikazane u ovoj rubrici.

Kickstarter Tentacle Town

Tentacle Town
A New Town – An Ancient Evil – All You Can Eat Calamari

Tentacle Town -- Kicktraq Mini

Kickstarter Cryptic Explorers
An asymmetrical squad tactics and survival horror game for 2-4 players.
Kickstarter Division: Throne Room

Division: Throne Room
A compact, strategic, card and dice game for 1 or 2 players. Have you got what it takes to seize the throne?
Division: Throne Room -- Kicktraq Mini

Kickstarter Merchants Cove

Merchants Cove
A highly asymmetric euro-game where each player is a different fantasy merchant with unique mechanics and components
Merchants Cove -- Kicktraq Mini

Kickstarter Pixel Demon's: REALM

Pixel Demon’s: REALM
A diabolical strategy card game set in a brand-new fantasy-horror universe.
Pixel Demon's: REALM -- Kicktraq Mini

Kickstarter Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters
Follow fearless adventurers in their attempt to steal from a Dragon’s hoard or incinerate the intruders as the Dragon itself.
Dragon Hunters -- Kicktraq Mini

Koja Kickstarter kampanja se vama najviše dopada?

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