Firefall demo arriving next month

Red5 Studio will offer a playable demo for their online shooting game Firefall. That’s not all, according to Red5, they will announce the 3rd battleframe (currently Assault and Medic have announced) at the convention.


PAX East 2011 is a big video game convention in March and it will be held in Boston from March 11th to 13th.

At PAX Prime, we announced Firefall to the world for the first time ever. We showed off 12 minutes of direct gameplay, explained our open-world cooperative campaign, walked through a dynamic mission involving the capture of Dredge and the attack of a Melding Titan. How are we going to top that?

By letting you all play the game! For the first time ever, you will all have the opportunity to play Firefall for yourselves. We’ll have twenty-plus kick-ass machines for you all to get your chance to kill your friends and random convention goers in the first-ever Army vs Army competitive multiplayer in Firefall.

While some said having people play the game was cool enough, we thought we’d take it up a bit further. Another first is the reveal of a third battleframe. You’ll be able to play the game while switching between an Assault, a Medic, and an unknown battleframe that we have yet to mention.


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