Quake Live Update [31-8-2010]

Today’s update is most notably to address the request and concerns of players who have expressed interest in playing with specific team sizes in team gametypes, such as the ability to play 2v2 Clan Arena, 2v2 Team Deathmatch or 4v4 CTF. Now, up to 16 players may join any game server and the active teamsize will determine how many of those players may participate in the match. This allows you, the players, to decide what you like to play (and more room for spectators to fill in the gaps when players drop)!

While everyone is having fun trying out the new teamsize options, you’ll notice that we now display a teammate’s health and armor status when you hover your crosshair over them so that you may easily identify which teammates need additional health, armor, or assistance. So no more excuses! Be sure to leave that armor for your team’s flag carrier who so badly needs it!

This week’s changelog includes:

  • Added ‘teamsize’ options in team gametypes. Players can now ‘callvote teamsize #’ to adjust the size of teams in team gametypes (TDM, CA, CTF, FT). Issuing ‘callvote teamsize 4’ will result in a 4 available player slots per team, team sizes are now shown on the scoreboard.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairTeamHealth (Default 1, min 0, max 1) Displays a teammates health and armor below their name when you hover your crosshair over them.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairNames 2 (Default 1, min 0, max 2) The new ‘2’ option allows you to draw crosshairnames only for your teammates, enemy names will not pop-up. This option is available in the in-game menu under HUD Options->Target Names.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairNamesOpacity (Default 0.75, min 0, max 1) Controls the opacity of the player names displayed when using cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 or 2.
  • Added cg_playerLean (Default 1, min 0, max 1) Scales or disables the player lean effected caused by high velocities.
  • Added ‘gamepad’ configuration control section & basic Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller support.
    • In the console set ‘in_joystick 1’ to enable gamepad support.
    • If you experience that you are unable to move, set ‘in_joyballscale 1’.
  • Added Discover card support for every region that uses USD. (We know, we know, PayPal support work is underway!)
  • Fixed a problem causing standard Linux users to sometimes crash on startup.
  • Fixed missing weapon icon on teamoverlay.
  • Players removed from clans will no longer still bear the clan tag previously associated with them.
  • Fixes for clantags from not getting properly cleared when a player leaves the server.
  • Fixed some problems that would occasionally cause the browser-side error detection to cuase client performance problems.
  • Fixed reported switch/quit match stat errors. Changes have been made to the backend to better handle team switches and quits; additionally players that rejoin after having dropped from the server should now show up on the scoreboard instead of on the quit list. Oddities may persist in Freeze Tag and will be addressed in the near future.
  • Fixed missing Vertical Vengeance & Industrial Accident reports. Changes have been made to the backend to ensure that matches occurring on these two maps will now report match stats.
  • Updated IEM5 Map tags to reflect the recent Intel Extreme Masters 5 map pool changes.
  • If you select the “All populated” option in the match browser under “Game State”, it will now include full matches.
  • PRO: Fixed ‘Start a Match’ map cycles. A bug was preventing user spawned servers from cycling past the first map; map cycles now work as expected.
  • PRO: Freeze Tag matches started with Instagib mode will now run without spawn armor, and with thaw time set to 1 second.
  • PRO: An arena will be selected by default for each gametype in the Start a Match interface.
  • PRO: You can now choose the number of players allowed per team when starting a team game.

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