New game on the blog page of my friend Ilkke!

Its called, maybe, BETTER LEFT UNNAMED, for reasons BETTER LEFT UNSAID.

Here are his words, shamelessly quoted:

It’s an online multiplayer adventure game, but unlike anything you’ve probably seen. It’s based on our spanking brand new P.A.G.E. engine (Poll Adventure Game Engine), and plays similar to those choose-your-own-adventure books of old – on each page you are presented with multiple choices of what to do. But, there’s a catch: when you select a choice, a VOTE button will pop up, and after clicking it, your vote will be saved. Loads of people vote in this manner, and when a certain treshold is reached (hopefully after a couple of days), the winning vote will propell the story further and a new page is added. In other words, you all play the game together.

Now, here is the interface. again shamelessly copied and pasted:

Enjoy this adventure, and be sure to vote!

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