Empyrean Chronicles Volume One


Nekada davno kada sam prvi put probao EVE Online, CCPjev vebsajt je imao gomilu kratkih pričica koje su na zanimljiv i uzbudljiv način gradile sliku o personama, tehnologiji, opasnostima i dnevnom životu stanovnika Novog Edena.

U surovom svetu MMOa EVE Online, zanimljive stvari vredne pamćenja se dešavaju skoro na dnevnom nivou. Rixx Javix, jedna od ikona EVE Online komune igrača, je odlučio da preko konkursa izabere najbolje priče i upakuje ih u knjigu. Besplatnu knjigu.

For the last thirteen years that universe has thrived on the single shared server of Eve Online. It is at once imaginary and very real, a shared neighbourhood of death, destruction, chaos, creation and insanity – the largest living work of science-fiction the world has ever known. This vital, living place continues to inspire a global community of writers, artists, and creative people of all types. Story-tellers that feel compelled and inspired to weave tales both true and imagined, spun from the cloth that unfolds for them in the darkness of space. It is these visionaries for whom this volume was created, a place for them to share their tales. A collection of fan-fiction directly from the vast community of Eve Online players. -Excerpt from Empyrean Chronicles by Rixx Javix

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The Evolution of Virtual Realities in Cyberpunk and the Real World

Ready Player One OASIS art Wade Parzival virtual reality VR cyberpunk

Since its inception in the early 1980s, cyberpunk has established two distinct kinds of worlds. There’s the post-industrial dystopian cityscape, like modern Japan on crack but shaded with enough darkness to be appropriately noir-y; and there’s cyberspace, the virtual world running parallel (or sometimes perpendicular) to the real one. With corrupt corporations calling the shots, it makes sense that the punks would retreat into the digital space, an idealized version of their downtrodden daily lives malleable enough that they can create their own private universe. When you can look whatever way you want and challenge the laws of physics, why would you want to return to the real world?
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