Kickstarter Avgust 30: GrimmoiR, Starcadia Quest, Infinities, The Ancient World, Rushin’ Roulette

Danas sa Kickstartera donosimo veoma interesantne vesti.

Svakako najveća vest je novo izdanje igre Rajana Lukata, The Ancient World, a tu su i tri igre koje će Queen Games izdati na Essen Spiel – Bastille, Skylands i Franchise. Za ljubitelje minijatura CMON sprema svemirski Arcadia Quest logično nazvan Starcadia Quest, dok među malim kartaškim igrama možete naći Grimmoir i Rushin’ Roulette.

Ovo je izbor kampanja za društvene igre koje se do sada nisu pojavile na ovoj listi, imaju preko hiljadu sponzora, koje su dostigle ili su blizu cilja za finansiranje.

Starcadia Quest by CMON

Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!

Starcadia Quest -- Kicktraq Mini

The Ancient World (2nd Edition) by Ryan Laukat

Defeat massive titans in a beautiful, updated edition of this empire-building game by Ryan Laukat.

The Ancient World (2nd Edition) -- Kicktraq Mini

GrimmoiR by Octopus Games

Card game focused on characters known from famous fairytales. The most important thing in the game is lack of randomness.

GrimmoiR -- Kicktraq Mini

Rushin’ Roulette by Justin Leong

A game of deceptively cute characters with dangerous motives. Will you be the last one standing or will your strategy backfire?

Rushin' Roulette -- Kicktraq Mini

Infinities: Defiance of Fate – A 4x-lite Game by Vatal Entertainment Studio

Explore the multiverse in this 4x-lite adventure with infinite replay value for 1-4 players of all levels.

Infinities: Defiance of Fate - A 4x-lite Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Queen Games Essen Releases by Queen Games

All Essen releases from Queen Games: Skylands / Franchise / Bastille including Queenies!

Queen Games Essen releases -- Kicktraq Mini

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