BLC SteelSeries Sensei Winter Tournament


The tournament will run over 6 weeks, beginning with a qualifier this weekend and 7 more until late January when the grand finals will be played! The top team from each qualifier will be invited to a final tournament consisting of the winning teams of each qualifying tournament.

The winners of the final tournament take home these amazing prizes: a SteelSeries Sensei, a printed canvas signed by the developers at Stunlock Studios and additional, awesome in-game items!

If you don’t think you have the chance to bring home the grand prize in this fierce competition, don’t worry! By participating, you will get the chance to win more awesome SteelSeries products that will be handed out after the final tournament! In the lottery you can win one of the following prizes: a SteelSeries Siberia V2 White, a SteelSeries 9HD and a SteelSeries QcK Heavy. We’ll throw in some fun in-game items as hand outs to random participants’ as well!

Schedule for the qualifier tournaments:
Qualifier 1: 17 Dec 18:00 UTC
Qualifier 2: 21 Dec 18:00 UTC
Xmas break!
Qualifier 3: 28 Dec 18:00 UTC
New years break!
Qualifier 4: 4 Jan 18:00 UTC
Qualifier 5: 7 Jan 18:00 UTC
Qualifier 6: 11 Jan 18:00 UTC
Qualifier 7: 14 Jan 18:00 UTC
Qualifier 8: 19 Jan 18:00 UTC

Finals will be played on the 22nd of January at 18:00 UTC, live streamed and casted by BLGaming.

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