Blood Bowl Legendary Edition out on 28th October

Good news for the owners of the Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition. In October, 30% discount will be available for those owners when they are purchasing digital edition of new Blood Bowl Legendary Edition.

Here is the press release from the Blood Bowl  official website:

Releasing Blood Bowl was not easy. At the beginning, only a few people believed that the video game transposition of Games Workshop’s board game would find its audience. Despite several warnings from different publishers around the world, we, at Focus and Cyanide, were absolutely convinced that a Blood Bowl video game could attract gamers. In the end, hundreds of thousands of players got themselves a copy of Blood Bowl, either in stores or via digital downloads. The game even topped international charts in France, Germany, England and Spain. Blood Bowl was also a huge digital hit.

Encouraged by these tremendous results and by some players’ regrets concerning the races we chose to include, it made sense for us to offer the version that we wanted it to be from the start including more resources, more stadiums, 20 playable races, more Star Players and wild cheerleaders. In short, a version that would pack all of Blood Bowl in a single game… A Legendary Edition !

In order to thank as best as we can a large part of the community for the enthusiasm and support we received, we decided to put in place a special offer that, as far as we know, has never been done for a video game. We will let each owner of a Blood Bowl game (Standard or Dark Elves Edition) benefit from an exceptional 30% discount on the downloadable version of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. All you have to do is to get your Blood Bowl player key (Standard or Dark Elves Edition) and enter it in the special store section that we’ll put online during the month of October. The Legendary Edition will be available around October 28!

The average price of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on download should be about 40 US Dollars.

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