Battleswarm: Fields Of Honor (Open Beta)

I am participating open beta testing of interesting crossgenre online game.

Battleswarm: Fields Of Honor pits First-Person Shooters against Real-Time Strategists in epic online battles waged between elite Human Soldiers and massive swarms of Bugs. This is very interesting concept and I think that with little polishing, this game will be worth playing.

To set one thing clear, this game is free to play. That means that there will be an item cash shop and everything that goes with this kind of games, but all the items you can buy also for the ingame cash.

Weapons and armor are bought on time basis. You can buy them for 3, 7 or 30 days, after which they expire. You can earn enough cash to be properly geared for battles with a decend group.

Here are some interface screenshots. Main interface, shoping, packing gear and game room before the start.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Currently I am playing as a human, and I must say that I enjoy this FPS. There is no soloing or Mr. Rambo actions, since humans need to communicate and organise in order to survive and win against the swarms of bugs.

Maps varies from defend the base full of reactors in Jungle outpost, planting the bombs into the Hive core, defending reactors and planting bombs in Ruined city and good old Arena matches.

“Leveling” a human player, if we can say that, consists of progressing trough ranks, which unlocks better armor, weapon and supplies. Also there is a “map leveling” which can provide you with attack, defence or speed boost after a certain amount of bugs are killed. Those boosts lasts untile you die, and can be stacked 3 or 4 times depending on your level.

Enemies drop blue diamonds, which when picked up, provide shield or health boosts, or random Gift Box (Paper, Copper, Silver or Gold) which with appropriate key can be unlocked after the game – which provide common, uncommon or rare drops in term of armor, supplies or weapons.

Here is my little gameplay video on YouTube.

We played Jungle Battle map, in wich Humans defend their base with three reactors. The game lasts until 300 points are won or timer expires. Humans gain points by killing bugs and staying alive, while bugs can win by destroying three reactors for 100 points each.

I am eager to see where this game will progress, since the authors and developers are listening to beta testers, and try to improve the game.

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