XAM – Prepare to be Judged


Group of russian developers presented us with an early access game on Steam, called Xam. Xam is a free-to-play arena where players fight in short, intensive real-time fights. Exactly the same as legendary Bloodline Champions game, but this time in science fiction settings.
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Hawkeen homepage redesign and new footage

After successful raise of 10 million dollars for the development of this Mecha FPS gem by publisher Meteor Entertainment , Adhesive games redesigned and consolidated their online presence on one page – www.playhawken.com . This game took gaming world by storm when first shown last year, and continues to amaze gamers and developers around the world. Next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2012), Meteor Entertainment will showcase Hawken. Untill then, there is a March 2012 gameplay footage released on their youtube channel.

New Firefall gameplay trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Firefall, a team-based action shooter from Red 5 Studios. This is the trailer used at the DigiChina event in Beijing to show the game to attendees.

Cosmic Break OBT2 Clan Tournament Videos

NoFunAllowed vs SOS Brigade

ArkDefenders vs. SGDO Trolls

MenOfDestiny vs. Exclusive

Snowflake vs. – Drill To Heaven

Quarterfinal Videos

Snowflake vs. SDGO_Trolls

NoFunAllowed vs. MenOfDestiny