Cosmic Break OBT2 Clan Tournament Semifinals & Finals Videos

Semifinals 01: Hotglue vs LOYALTY

Semifinals 02: SDGO vs MOD

Losers finals: MOD vs LOYALTY

Finals: Hotglue vs SDGO

GM Tempura took Clan photo-shoot screen shots before, during and after the matches.

Cosmic Break 2nd OBT announced

The 2nd Open Beta Test of English Cosmic Break will begin on
September 17 (Fri.) at 12:00 noon, PDT, (21:00 GMT+1) and run until October 17!

The GMs will be back too during the 2nd OBT to host more transformation events, UC lumberjack events, GM radio, and other new fun events! We hope to see everyone from the 1st OBT back again, and of course meet some new players too! Although the game server is down until the 2nd OBT starts next Friday, registration is always open, so new players please feel free to pre-register an account for the 2nd Open Beta Test anytime!

Also, here is the promotional video for the backstory between Crimrose and Ivis.

Cosmic Break Open Beta Test begins 10th June

Cyberstep’s Cosmic Break game has got  giveaways running on the following websites:


Once beta service starts, you’ll be able to use the keys from these events to get various rare limited edition robots! There’s only a limited number of keys though, so act fast before they’re gone!

Also, Cyberstep is distributing 2000 limited edition Zero Saber GOLD robots to players who register using a special link. Check out the Official Trailer on YouTube for more info!

Be sure to check Cosmic Break Beta Test event schedule.