Kickstarter March 28: Faith Core Book, Constellations

Dnevni prikaz Kickstarter kampanja za društvene igre koje se do sada nisu pojavile na ovoj listi, koje su dostigle ili su blizu cilja za finansiranje ili imaju preko hiljadu sponzora.

FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG Core Book and miniatures by Burning Games

ENnie-awarded sci-fi tabletop RPG back with revised rules, a detailed setting and a host of new options to develop your characters!

❖ Funding is at 84%
€34,449 has been gathered from €41,034 target.
❖ There are currently 331 backers.
❖ Project was launched 6 days ago.

23 days remaining

Constellations: The Game of Stargazing and the Night Sky by Dante Lauretta – Xtronaut Enterprises

Have fun assembling the night sky by collecting the right stars for each constellation. Use your puzzle skills to maximize your score!

❖ Funding is at 92%
$13,808 has been gathered from $15,000 target.
❖ There are currently 300 backers.
❖ Project was launched 3 days ago.

26 days remaining


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