Kickstarter March 20


Red Scare Redux – A Competitive Card Game by Fidget Creative

A spy-themed, team-focused, competitive card game where you race to complete high value objectives and conquer your ideological foes.

❖ Funding is at 92%
$8,295 has been gathered from $9,000 target.
❖ There are currently 195 backers.
❖ Project was launched 12 days ago.

16 days remaining

Tribes: Early Civilization by Tea Time Productions

Guide your tribe in its struggles to survive and prosper! A strategy board game with variable tech tree and quick turns.

❖ Funding is at 83%
kr249,132 has been gathered from kr300,000 target.
❖ There are currently 476 backers.
❖ Project was launched 9 days ago.

20 days remaining


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