Gamigo buys Black Prophecy and 20% of Reakktor Media

When it comes to free-to-play games, we don’t often see the licensing companies buying titles outright. Normally, we’re prone to seeing licensing agreements until a game has launched or when two companies have a history of working together quite a lot. Nonetheless, today gamigo proved that it really believes in how much players are going to enjoy its upcoming space dogfighter, Black Prophecy, by buying all rights and trademarks related to the game from Reakktor Media.

The other interesting piece of news is that at the same time as the Black Prophecy acquisition, gamigo also opted to pick up nearly 20% of Reakktor Media. All remaining shares of Reakktor Media remain under the control of the company’s CEO, Kirk Lenke, which effectively puts all development control moving forward between Reakktor and gamigo.

If you really don’t care about corporate merges and buyouts, then there’s still a nugget of news to be gleaned for you. In amongst all the happy congratulations and notes about how this will make things better and easier for the two companies was a note that we should “[look] forward to seeing Black Prophecy go live in the very near future.” (Emphasis theirs.) Whether it will simply mark open beta or something more, we’ll have to wait and see.

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