Cosmic Break OBT2 Clan Tournament Videos

NoFunAllowed vs SOS Brigade

ArkDefenders vs. SGDO Trolls

MenOfDestiny vs. Exclusive

Snowflake vs. – Drill To Heaven

Quarterfinal Videos

Snowflake vs. SDGO_Trolls

NoFunAllowed vs. MenOfDestiny

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About Velijah

40 years. Too old to be bothered to much. I like my coffee with sugar and cream. Raw Messiah is my crew. I roll with them. Played almost everything that counts in gaming industry from ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga days till now. Speedball 2 by Bitmap Brothers IS the best sports game ever. Remember the old days when content was the king!

One thought on “Cosmic Break OBT2 Clan Tournament Videos

  1. Hey, you need to update one of the vids on this page. I took down the older version.

    “Block C – – Drill To Heaven – vs. Snowflake “


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