Disney to Buy Marvel in $4 Billion Deal

Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse are about to become step-brothers.

The Walt Disney Co. is in the process of buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in cash and stock. The deal would give the Mouse House ownership of Marvel’s 5,000 superhero characters.

Why Disney Buying Marvel May Not Be a Bad Thing

Discovery or Achievement? – Finding Secrets and Side Quests in RPGs

In this fast paced and crazy world, free time is a luxury very few of us can come by. If I could just bludge at home, playing games and writing, I’d be a happy man. Sadly, the need to go to work, earn money, buy food and subsequently, stay alive, is simply too great. So it could be said that the lack of available free time is the bane of a gamer’s existence.

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Srecna nova godina

Sa malim zakasnjenjem, srecna Nova Godina, Bozic i Srpska nova godina!

Puno srece i zdravlja!

Sex And The City

Niggaz and Biatches everywhere….