Sengoku Basara

U vreme zaracenih provincija u feudalnom Japanu, vladali su lordovi (Daimyo) koji su bili u stalnom medjusobnom konfliktu za prevlast i titulu buduceg ujedinitelja i cara Japana.

To su  Takeda Shingen iz Kaia, Sanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin iz  Echiga, Azai Nagamasa iz Omia, Tokugawa Ieyasu iz Mikawe i mnogi drugi…

Iznenada se pojavljuje mladi azurni general pod imenom Date Masamune – One-Eyed Dragon, predvodeci armiju lojalnih konjanika koji zeli glavu Ode Nobunage – The Sixth Devil King.

Ukratko, moderno, nasvirano peglanje u feudalnom japanu, sa ratnim lordovima sa specijalnim mocima. Nije ni cudo da je tako, jer je ova anime serija radjena po istoimenoj igri za PSP, koja je dozivela dva nastavka.

Ovu polusezonsku seriju (12 epizoda) je potpisao Production I.G., koji se vec bavio tematikom pretvaranja igara u anime serije ( King Of Fighters).

Serija oslikava, verovatno one aspekte ratnih lordova, koji nisu dovoljno istrazeni u igri (nisam je igrao), tako da fanovi igre, verovatno imaju kompletan uvid u “dramu” njihovih omiljenih karaktera.

Ono sto je mene zanimalo je, koliko je pitka serija. I stvarno jeste. Chips, sokic i sabijanje 12 epizoda koje su vrlo brze i lepo spakovane. Nema praznog hoda, glupih dijaloga i ostalih zurenja u protivnika po 10 minuta pre no sto se medjusobno napadnu.

Ali zato ima ratnih poklica, koji su toliko dugacki da bi samo oni mogli da ubiju protivnika nespremnog na prijave odavanja pocasti – gospodaru, zemlji, zeni, nerodjenom detetu, osecanjima i tako dalje i tako dalje…..

Takodje, jebesh anime akcionu seriju u kojoj glavni protagonisti ne najavljuju svoje specijalne poteze i ostale trademark  (TM) udarce u velikom stilu….

Sve to je pametni tim Production I.G.-a upakovao u sweet j-metal rock zvuk koji ide uz ovu igru / seriju, uz odlicnu animaciju.

Sve u svemu pitko i preporucujem ali samo za oneshot gledanje.

Inace, najavljena je i druga sezona serije…..moz’ misliti…..

TV Series, 12 Episodes, 2009, Production I.G. Official Homepage

Solidna sedmica….

Anime Calendar [January 2010]

Dullalala!! (TV Series, 24 episodes)

Ryuugamine Mikado is a boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro. Masaomi has warned him about people he doesn’t want to cross in the city: a champion fighter, an informant, and a mysterious gang called “Darazu.” Nervous from Masaomi’s stories, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city, the Headless Rider astride a black motorcycle. From then on, the existence of supernatural cases and a gang called the Yellow Turbans will rise to the surface, and Ikebukuro will pushed to the breaking point.

Official Page

Ookami Kakushi (TV Series, unknown number of episodes)

Is it a god (kami)? Or a wolf (ookami)? A secret law in the old part of town … brings together dread and mystery. It is the summer of Shouwa 58, 1983. Ten stories, intertwined by the idle thoughts of people caught in repeating nightmares … what could possibly be the truth therein!?

A 16 year old boy, Kuzumi Hiroshi, started to live in a new town that is located in the mountains. The town is separated into new and old streets by the river, and many mysterious local cultures still remain. Although confused and enjoying his new life, one person kept her distance from him: class committee member Kushinada Nemura. In their few encounters she gave him a word of advice: “Stay away from the old streets”.

Official page

Katanagatari (TV Series, 12 episodes)

The legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki made 1000 swords in his career. The more swords a state had, the greater success they had in the wars. When the Shogun emerged victorious, he collected 988 of the swords…but those were just practice.

The final twelve swords were the pinnacle of his career. Each of them has powers so extraordinary, one man could defeat small armies.

Shogunate strategist Togame has been ordered to recover them. She first hired a ninja…but the worth of the swords is so great the entire ninja clad defected the moment they recovered one. Then she hired a swordsman…but he kept the sword for himself.

Her last hope is Shichika, the seventh and last practitioner of the Kyotoryuu — No Sword School. He and his sister live on an island cut off from civilization — they have no need for money. His sword school does not use swords — he would not want the swords for himself.

So why should he help her?

“Because you will fall in love with me.”

Official page

Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Movie)

This is the adaptation of the 2nd route of the popular visual novel: Fate/Stay Night. In this route, Tohsaka Rin will be the major female character. Revelations about Shirou and his destiny will be made.

Official page

DTB – Gemini of the Meteor OST


D.Gray-Man [Ep. 01-08]

dgraymanAkuma – monstrumi nastali iz mrtvih dusa, greskom pozvanih od strane njihovih najvoljenijih, su oruzja Millenium Earla, koji namerava da unisti svet i vreme.

Allen Walker je, od rane mladosti,  proklet sa cudotvornim anti-demonskim oruzjem na mestu njegove leve ruke i sa svevidecim okom, sa kojim moze da vidi izmucene duse u demonima. On je takodje jedan od retkih koji u sebi ima “Innocence”, substancu koja mu omogucava da se bori protiv demona i Millenium Earla. Sa svojim mocima i po preporuci svog mentora, Allen se prikljucuje Crnim Svestenicima i postaje Isterivac, prva linija odbrane sveta od Millenum Earla.

Screenshots shamelesy stealed from the: .

Nove anime serije – winter 2009.

Posto su se neke anime serije zavrsile oko nove godine,  na japanskim TV kanalima su na upraznjena mesta dosli novi naslovi  koji su poceli da se emituju u januaru 2009.,  sa finalnim epizodama predvidjenim za poslednju nedelju juna 2009.

Medju najvaznijima, tj. onima koje cu ja pratiti, izdvojicu:

Michiko to Hatchin [Manglobe]

michikoSet in what seems to be some kind of alternate-universe Brazil, Michiko to Hatchin tells the story of Hana Morenos. Hana is routinely abused by every single member of her adopted family, who only takes care of her because the government pays them to…until one day, an escaped convict named Michiko Malandro crashes though their kitchen window on a motorcycle, claiming to be Hana’s real mother. Confused but willing to do anything to escape, Hana agrees to go with her…

[Opening Video] [Promo Trailer] [Trailer]

Official website:

Kurokami The Animation [Bandai Visual, Sunrise]

kurokamiIn this world, there are three identical looking people in existence who split between them an energy-like force called “Terra.” This energy can be attributed to the amount of “Luck” or “Life Energy” that an individual possesses. There also exists beings who observe the human world, maintaining the balance of Terra, known as the “Coexistence Equilibrium.” These beings possess ability that surpass that of a normal human being and reside in hiding in places known as the “Pure Place” in tribes. They are called the Terra Guardians. This is a tale of battle that begins with a chance meeting between a human boy named Keita and a young Tera Guardian girl named Kuro.


Official website:

Koukaku no Regios (Chrome Shelled Regios) [ZEXCS]

The world was infected by “Pollutant” years ago – world cracked open and generally screwed up. This Pollutant spawns nasty “Pollutant Beasts”, but it’s also resulted in people gaining special powers. The towns that now litter the world are protected by alchemists and are mobile – these are the “Regios” of the title.

The story follows a guy named Lei-Fon Alseif who starts at a new school following the disappearance of his childhood friend and gets recruited into the special 17th Platoon in order to combat Pollutant Beasts.


Official website:

Shikabane Hime: Kuro (Corpse Princess: Black) [Gainax, feel.]

akaShikabane – are the living dead who still work even after they die because of strong attachment or obsession. They attack people and kill them.

Shikabane Hime are girls created to hunt Shikabane.

A boy, Kagami Ohri, was adopted by Tagami Keisei, a Buddhist priest of Kongon Clan, when he was a child, and was raised in an asylum. One night, he encounters a beautiful girl at the temple who works for the chief priest. She is Hoshimura Makina, a Shikabane Hime ,who hunts Shikanabe under the order from Kakusei.


Official website:

Druaga no Tou: the Sword of Uruk (The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk) [GONZO]

urukWith broken spirits and enigmatic questions that hold no answers lingering, Jil is still trying to figure everything out. Then, a mysterious girl named Kai appears before him and says: “Take me to the top of the tower.”

Kai’s request shrouded in ambiguity, Jil will have another chance to work towards completing his destiny and ascend the Tower. With his hopes and aspirations seemingly slipping out of his hands, Jil must rise to the challenge once again on this never-ending adventure.


Official website:

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