Cyberstep’s C-21 CBT starts soon

Closed Beta testing of Cyberstep’s next free to play mecha MMO C-21, starts on 7th of April until 17th.

C21 is the prequel to CosmicBreak, and features many of the robots you all know and love. While CosmicBreak focuses on PvP, C21 is more akin to an action RPG; players traverse the immense in-game world, battling against the evil forces of Chaos. If you’re a fan of CosmicBreak’s mecha and Quest Mode, make sure to check out C21!

Anyone who wants will be able to participate in the C21 Closed Beta Test. No special keys will be needed. We’re actually planning to support OpenID, so that players can login and play using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Also, everyone who participates will automatically receive over 50 different robots in C21 to play around with during the ten day long test.

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