Kel’ Thuzad’s Defeat & The Fall Of Naxxramas

“Kel’Thuzad serves the Lich King without question, a necromancer of great prowess in life, turned to a master of necromancy after his death. It is said he is the most loyal of the Lich King’s subjects.”

Ko bi ocekivao da posle neuspesnog PUGovanja 25man Naxxramasa u prosli petak i sramotnog wipeovanja neznalica na prvom bossu Anub’Rekhan, u Spider Wingu , rezultirajuci raspadom istog raida, da ce nedeljni ponovni pokusaj sa normalnim igracima dovesti do kompletnog ciscenja 25 raida Naxxramas.

PUG grupa je neverovatno dobro funkcionisala. Deadly Boss Mod je to i potvrdio, obavestavajuci me da je svaki boss u raidu ubijen u kracem vremenskom periodu, postavljajuci nove rekorde. Svaki boss je ubijen u proseku za skoro minut ipo manje. Sjajno!

Kel’ Thuzad je konacno pao!


Crown Of The Lost Conqueror

Crown Of The Lost Protector

Cape Of The Unworthy Wizard

Sinister Revenge

Signet Of Manifested Pain

Velijah [lvl80, Hunter (Survival)] <Misomania>

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