Genesis AD Open Beta Test

Ijji‘s first person shooter, called Genesis AD,  entered the final testing phase. Previous Ijji’s FPS game Alliance Of Valiant Arms, proved to be a success in f2p communities.

There is a load of events going on for the open beta testers, so be sure to check the OBT Events page.

In the year 2231, an alien world has been found to replenish Earth’s dwindling supply of resources.

The only problem is that that planet is also teeming with alien life, ready to savagely attack any outsiders. While the EEPO prepare to take what they need despite the cost of alien life, a group of resistance from within takes hold, appalled that this primitive world won’t have a change to evolve into an advanced civilization, and fight to sabotage their mission. As the fate of an overpopulated Earth looms in the balance, every capable fighter must choose their side.

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